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Commercial Doors and Hardware

Since 1997, the Anwis team has provided solutions for commercial door applications in a variety of settings across Ontario.

We are the experts for:


  • Storefronts

  • Entranceways Doors

  • Curtainwall windows

  • Windows – vents, casements

Commercial overhead doors

Hollow metal

  • Doors and frames

  • Windows

Architectural Hardware for the above

  • slimline vision kits for doors

  • door louvres

  • door closers

  • lever locksets

  • passage sets

  • privacy sets

  • thresholds

  • weather stripping

  • hinges- heavy duty, stainless steel, continuous

  • exit devices and trim

  • high quality vision kits

  • door louvres

  • door closers

  • lever locksets

  • passage doors

  • privacy doors

  • thresholds

  • weather stripping

  • door sweeps

With Anwis, you know our products will be reliable and our service will be impeccable.

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